We define the future of logistics

When you need practical solutions based on cutting edge logistics experience, we deliver. That is why we have been asked to develop logistic solutions for the hospitals of the future.

Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen is building a new hospital and psychiatric centre. An important part of the preparation involves careful planning of the complex logistics processes required by a modern medical facility. 

DSV is working closely with the project team to design a supply chain strategy. The underlying concepts are based on our hands-on experience in the field of hospital logistics.

Based on our proposal, we were awarded a long term contract for logistics consulting despite fierce competition from major consulting firms. The results will also be used by other hospitals as part of a so-called beacon project, which aims to promote best practices among Danish hospitals.

It is an exciting challenge to influence how hospital logistics will be handled in the future, and we are very satisfied with having DSV on-board. 

Isabelle Bossen Nielsen, Project Manager, Bispebjerg Hospital

From strategic supply chain advice to a practical solution for washing beds

"Logistics challenges range from coordinating thousands of daily deliveries from external suppliers to seemingly simple issues like the washing of hospital beds. 

Washing the beds is not always handled in the most efficient manner. Beds often stand idle waiting to be cleaned, and are not always marked clearly to show what kind of disease they have been in contact with. Sorting out this problem will both save time and prevent risk," says Nina Braasch Andersen, Project Manager, DSV Solutions.

The work of the hospital porter is very similar to some of DSV’s core operational processes. A number of issues the hospital porters currently face are:

  • They often wait idly for new assignments
  • They 'drive empty' from one destination to another
  • They face bottlenecks with too much to do in a short amount of time

We are creating pragmatic planning systems that save the hospital porters time and effort, and that is a very satisfying use of cutting-edge logistics," continues Nina Braasch Andersen.

30% efficiency growth in new hospitals

The new facilities, with a budget of 540,000,000 Euro, will need to be more than 30% more efficient than the current hospital just to keep up with productivity expectations.

That is why we need to be smart when we build and furnish new facilities. The technology and logistics infrastructure needs to support our staff. They will accomplish the increased amount of work without the need to run faster.

Claes Brylle Hallqvist, Vice Director, Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospitals.

About the New Hospital and New Psychiatry Bispebjerg 

The Bispebjerg project is creating a modern urban hospital. This is done in order to provide more than 416,000 citizens with world-class treatment of both body and mind. The new facilities are expected to be fully operational in 2025.

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