Finding creative transport solutions

Plan A was a truck – Plan B a barge

When Israeli Chemicals Ltd. needed a valuable sediment container made of titanium delivered from northern Sweden, it called on DSV.

Normally, such an outsize load would be transported by road to the harbour where it is to be winched onto a ship for the voyage from Sweden around Spain and into the Mediterranean Sea. But the Swedish police declined permission for the road closures needed – after all, it’s a trip of almost 900 km.Our special projects team came up with the creative solution of lifting it onto a barge just a few kilometres from the factory and then transporting it by sea around the Swedish coast to where it was transferred to the ship to Israel. All without being placed on the ground, or using iron chains due to the fragility of the titanium.

We were so impressed with your professionalism, speed and attention

– Guy Avital, Logistics Buyer at ICL

The police did get involved after all – DSV Israel arranged for seven police vehicles helped guide the load from the Port of Ashdod to its final destination in Israel. And what’s more, the barge solution ended up saving the customer €40,000!


ICL, a global manufacturer of products based on unique minerals. It mainly operates in three areas: agriculture, food and engineered materials. ICL’s operations are global and are supported by worldwide distribution and supply chains. Its mining and production sites are located in Israel, Europe, North and South America and China. ICL employs about 13,000 people worldwide.

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